Complex systems: Modelling and Characterising Emergence – Evolutionary ecology and music improvisation

Who: Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen (Imperial College London)
When: Friday, November 16, 2018 at 13:15
Where: U145

Complex systems science is concerned with the understanding of the emergent collective behaviour generated by the interaction between many components. According to Niels Bohr one may, e.g., think of wetness of water. One H2O molecule is not wet, but a bucket of order \(10^{26}\) water molecules certainly is, if the temperature is right.
We’ll discuss models of evolutionary dynamics that allow us to address the relation between reproduction, mutation and death at the level of the individual and the macroscopic dynamics at species level.
We’ll go on to use information theoretic measures as a way to address the much-debated link between individual selection and group selection.
After that we’ll turn our attention to measuring emergent behaviour of a very subtle but for us personally relevant type. Namely quantifiable imprints of states of our mind. Again, by use of information theoretic concepts we are able to quantify the difference in the state of mind of musicians and audience during improvised classical music.