Nano-Optics Seminar: Composites for the control of optical, mechanical, and opto-mechanical processes

Who: Michael J. A. Smith (University of Manchester)
When: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 13:30
Where: Benz lecture hall

When combining different materials together to form an inhomogeneous composite, most resulting properties (such as the optical,
acoustic, or thermal properties) are typically given by some weighted average of the constituent values. I show that this is not the
case for the opto-mechanical properties, namely, for a key opto-mechanical response known as photoelasticity, which describes how
the optical properties of a medium change under mechanical deformation.

In recent work, I have shown that two materials with zero photoelasticity can be combined to make a composite that is strongly
photoelastic. I will examine the role of the unexpected photoelastic contribution in a selection of composite geometries, describing
the effect in closed-form.