Photon Lego – building light quantum by quantum

Who: Sebastian Hofferberth (SDU)
When: Friday, October 12, 2018 at 15:00
Where: Studenterhus Odense

Science and beers seem to be a good combination, at least based on the number of such events during this semester! Studenterhus Odense hosts a number of events under exactly the title Science and Beers, and on 12th of October the invited speaker is Sebastian Hofferberth from the University of Southern Denmark.

The title of the talk refers to Sebastians research on quantum optics. Most people use light based technology every day for instance when surfing the web or checking out at the supermarket. These technologies are based on lasers and the ‘classical’ behavior of laser light. However, light is not just classical, it is also ‘quantum’. Light is made up of fundamental particles called photons, but despite the fact that the quantum theory – quantum optics – which describes how photons behave is well established, we are still rather limited when it comes to our experimental capabilities for working with individual photons. Sebastian Hofferberth is well known for his work on techniques for creating and manipulating single photons, and with the playful title he will invite the audience to share a bit of the playful nature of experimental physics.