CP3-Lecture: MADMAX – a new search strategy to identify axions as the dark matter in our Universe – theoretical foundations

Who: Frank Steffen (MPI-Munich)
When: Monday, September 24, 2018 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room

The majority of matter in our Universe consists in the form of invisible dark matter. While there is convincing evidence for its existence, the potential particle nature of dark matter is still a mystery. Since none of the particles in the established Standard Model of particle physics can provide this form of matter, it is one of the most convincing hints for new physics. A particularly promising candidate is the axion which is motivated originally by a compelling solution of the so-called strong CP problem of the Standard Model. A recent idea has led to the new MADMAX (MAgnetized Disc and Mirror Axion eXperiment) initiative and the forming of the MADMAX Collaboration in October 2017. This new project will search for dark matter axions in a well-motivated mass range which was out of reach for existing search strategies. I will review the evidence for dark matter and will introduce the axion, its motivation and the way in which it can explain the dark matter of our Universe. Then I will describe the theoretical foundations of the MADMAX project, describe its current status, and give an outlook to its future prospects.