Physics Talks at “Science and Beers”

September 10, 2018

During the autumn Studenterhus Odense offers a series of relaxed science lectures under the title ‘Science and Beers’. The list of talks is filled with outstanding speakers and interesting titles which are relevant for both the interested layman, students, and scientists who would enjoy a brief introduction to an unfamiliar topic.

From SDU Physics our highlights are the talk by Sebastian Hofferberth on October 12 and the talk by Heidi Rzehak on November 16. The lectures takes place on Fridays from 3 to 5.

This is the full program.

  • September 21st – Dr. Adam Montandon on “How to build a cyborg”
  • September 28th – Dr. Vincent Keating on “Rights, Democracy, and Iiberalism in Europe”
  • October 12th – Dr. Sebastian Hofferberth on “Photon Lego – building light quantum by quantum”
  • October 26th – Dr. Daniel Mills on “The Noosphere: The Next Phase of Earth’s Evolution”
  • November 2nd – Dr. Lilian Skytte with “A tale about dead things (bones and scrolls)”
  • November 9th – Dr. Bjarne Toft on “Nonsense, mathematics and Alice”
  • November 16th – Dr. Heidi Rzehak on “Looking through the Higgs window for new physics”
  • November 23rd – Dr. Cynthia Grund on “Philosophy in the Concert Hall: Pianists, their Avatars and the Audience.”
  • November 30th – Dr. Philip Hallenborg on “The Terrifying DNA”

For more information, see the facebook event