SDU Physics Students at ICPS

September 3, 2018

During the summer nine physics students from the University of Southern Denmark attended the annual International Conference of Physics Students better known as ICPS. The conference was made more accessible to the students by the institute, FKF, who supported the participants economically. The ICPS is organized by IAPS, the International Association of Physics Students, and its purpose is to promote international relationships between physics students, as well as provide academic knowledge from physicists around the world. The academic content was comprised of guest lectures with professors from universities in Helsinki and further away, student lectures and a poster session by the participants, and lab tours at two universities in Helsinki. From the University of Southern Denmark, there were three contributions to the academic content in the form of two student lectures about quantum physics, and a poster about biophysics. Amongst the social activities were a nations party where participants tried out food and drinks from other countries, a Finnish sauna night, and a traditional Finnish student party called a sitsit.