CP3-Lecture: Muon g-2 as a tool to understand new physics

Who: Dominik Stoeckinger (TU Dresden)
When: Monday, May 14, 2018 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room

The muon anomalous magnetic moment, g-2, is one of the most precise observables in particle physics. It is sensitive to a variety of hypothetical new physics models. It is also one of the few observables with a tantalizing deviation between the SM theory prediction and the measurement.

The lecture will explain how new physics can contribute to g-2. It will first provide a general analysis based on symmetries, explaining why the contributions to g-2 are very model-dependent, and showing that g-2 provides complementary constraints on new physics models. The lecture will then focus on promising examples of specific new physics models to illustrate the range of possibilities, such as supersymmetric models or two-Higgs doublet or dark photon models. Some models are strongly constrained by g-2, in some models g-2 points to specific parameter regions which can then be tested by LHC or flavour physics data.