New Review Volume on Theories of Leptogenesis

March 14, 2018

Emiliano Molinaro, former postdoctoral research associate at CP3-Origns, and Björn Garbrecht from Technische Universität München are editors of a new review volume on theories of leptogenesis, which is published as a special issue on the International Journal of Modern Physics A.

There is empirical observation on macroscopic scales in the Universe of about one baryon per five cubic meters and essentially no antibaryons. The problem of the baryonic matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe clearly calls for new physics beyond the Standard Model. An elegant solution to this puzzle is given by linking the same new physics to the mechanism which is responsible for the generation of neutrino masses and lepton mixing: baryogenesis via leptogenesis.

The present volume on leptogenesis places a particular emphasis on the interconnections between the areas of model building, phenomenology and non-equilibrium field theory. The Authors represent a large spectrum of experience and expertise, and also at the level of the individual chapters, they are from several different collaborations. The Editors have thus aimed for a detailed presentation of the state-of-the-art methods as well as the current status of the phenomenology of leptogenesis. While the individual chapters are self-contained, the Authors have done an impressive job in establishing an altogether coherent presentation throughout this volume that also highlights the interconnections between the individual chapters. The Editors thus hope that while based on a considerable cross section of expertise throughout the field, the content of this issue will be easily accessible and valuable to the readers.

The link to the journal can be found here.